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Fire Emergency Evacuation Mock Drill

evacuation1Emergencies and Disasters can occur any time without warning. The more you are prepared for them, the better you will be able to act, minimizing panic and confusion when an emergency occurs is very important to prevent damage to property and loss of life.

Most of the Emergencies are due to Fire accidents and handling these types of adversities have become a top priority for organizations these days and it also has a considerable influence on the disaster recovery plans of the organization.

evacuation1The Proposed Fire Emergency Evacuation Mock Drill Module aims at providing the necessary skills manage emergency in the premises and to document the Present Procedures in place. This will help in the following.

  • Assessing the present Emergency Plan in Place and its effectiveness
  • Provide vital Competency to the Participants
  • Prepare the Emergency team for any adversities
  • Create awareness among the occupants
  • Identify deficiencies and take corrective actions
  • Help to understand compliance with safety and legal Standards



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