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ISO 22001 2005 Lead Auditor Course


All responsible establishments and corporate bodies recognise the importance of the efficiency needed in managing their information security controls and systems for keeping the same safe and protected. However without in-depth knowledge on Information Security Management Systems, security measures tend to slack and become ineffective over time. In this course, delegates will learn to appreciate the overarching information security management system elements; they will gain an in-depth knowledge of ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Requirements and will also be able to fully comprehend the principle requirements for auditing Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Information Security
  2. ISO 27001:2005 requirements
  3. Similarities with other management systems standards
  4. Information Security Management Issues
  5. including operational control
  6. Information Security Internal Audit Skills
  7. Practical exercises and feedback

This is a highly stimulation and intense training programme providing a thorough explanation of the ISO 27001:2005 and other related standards. Inputs on an array of auditing techniques and protocols that are linked up with the role of a lead auditor are also discussed extensively.

The Course Duration:

Duration: 5 days

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for all those auditors who are responsible for introducing ISO 27001:2005 in their organisation. It is also suitable for Senior Managers, IT Managers, Systems Managers and IT Security Officers. In general, the course will benefit those who wish to learn about effective auditing practices; and those already practicing auditors who wish to expand their knowledge and auditing skills; and it is also for Consultants who provide advice on ISO 27001:2005 systems certification.

Course Objectives

  1. To equip delegates with essential skills and the ability to enable implementation of ISMS, which conforms to the prerequisites of ISO 27001:2005.
  2. To equip delegates with the knowledge of the underlying structure along with useful tools for implementation.
  3. To learn methods of assessing security threats and vulnerabilities.
  4. To learn to perfectly plan and execute the ISMS Audit.

What are the Benefits?

  1. Delegates will learn and be able to design an effective ISMS for their organisation.
  2. Auditing systems, when efficiently exercised, ensure protection of the organisation and proper client management to help achieve desired results. Delegates will learn proper implementation of ISMS in their organisation.
  3. The training will help develop further managerial and auditing skills of practising auditors and managers.
  4. Delegates will stand better chances of promotion over others.
  5. Delegates can start their career in audit consultancy firms or become consultants themselves.
  6. Organisations will benefit from reduced security costs, reduced security incidents, enhanced security information and business continuity.

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