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Process Mapping and Improvement Course


Introduction to Process Mapping and Improvement Course

A sound process design and its efficient management are most crucial for a quality management system to be effective. Efficiency in process design and management does not occur by default. Through this course, delegates will learn about various tools and techniques for analysing and improving the design and process.


Course Content

  1. Process improvement
  2. Breakthrough, incremental, standardisation
  3. Streamlining processes
  4. Tools and techniques for process mapping
  5. Process measures
  6. Interaction of processes
  7. Customer focused processes

This is a highly interactive, accelerated programme for those who are looking for dependable, low-cost and quicker ways of rendering results. Along with the introduction of the basic principles, know-how of a number of tested and simple process improvement techniques is shared with learners.

The Course Duration:

Duration: 1 day

Who should attend?

Quality managers, business development managers, change agents and all those who are involved in the improvement of organisational performance will benefit from this course.
Others who will benefit from this programme are persons responsible for enforcing or implementing and managing an ISO 9000 based quality management system, for which ‘process approach’ is the fundamental principle.

Course Objectives

Delegates will be able to correctly comprehend and employ appropriate process improvement techniques, while understanding the benefits, in diverse organisational situations.

What are the Benefits?

  1. Delegates will gain improved comprehension of process design and management, including interface and cultural issues.
  2. Delegates will have good grasp on the vital issues like client satisfaction, continuous improvement and their association with process management.
  3. Delegates will benefit from the practical knowledge of certain simple tools and techniques which they will be able to use immediately to improve the functioning of their organisation.

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