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Rope Rescue (Technical rescue)

roperescueEmergency Response and Rescue operations do require the Emergency Response Team to operate in a Technical Rescue protocol situation which is a very important aspect of Emergency Response and Rescue of the victim.

roperescueUsing Ropes and Access equipment to transport the entrapped victim from the scene of accident to a place of safety and Medical Support is very vital for the Survival of the victim.

Rope Rescue Situations arise in different work areas from Mining Operations to Work at height to Confined Spaces and Exactions, across Industry Spectrum.

We at IISS Offer an intensive Training on Rope Rescue procedures and Techniques at our State of the Art Training Facility in Hyderabad and also we do offer in-house training services at the client’s premises.

IISS offers the Course in Three levels for the following Rope Rescue procedures:(Technical Rescue)

High Angle, Horizontal & Vertical Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Mine Rescue- Surface and Underground Rescue

roperescueBasic Level 1-One day
Intermediate Level 2-Two Days
Advance Level 3-Three Days



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Rope Rescue Training