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Train the Trainer Course

Fire and safety Training Courses

CIEH Professional Trainer Certificate

The benchmark trainer skills qualification for CIEH registered trainers


This qualification is essential for anyone wishing to become a CIEH registered trainer. IIt is ideal for anyone who needs to understand the basics of training practice or wants to refine their training techniques. It encourages a flexible approach to training delivery which takes into account recent advances in accelerated learning and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Successful candidates will be able to structure, design and deliver interesting and stimulating training.

Certain other training qualifications are also recognised, and conditions regarding technical knowledge and experience also apply.

Outline programme

The qualification covers the following topics:

  • Training needs and objectives
  • Learning styles and preferences
  • Training skills
  • Course structure and design
  • Training styles and communication
  • Assessment

Qualification information

Designed for: Trainers

Course duration: 3-4 days

Assessment method: Observed

presentation QCA Accredited: No

Level: n/a

Suggested progression on completion: n/a

Customers expect businesses to have an environmental policy and to maintain moral and ethical standards in business operations. This includes the adoption of international regulations, monitoring the use of hazardous materials and having an informed policy on sustainability.


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